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5 Reasons

why companies need to migrate to digital from now
There are many lessons that the health emergency caused by Covid-19 has left us. Which range from the political, social, economic, industrial, sports and even entertainment fields. In fact, there are few sectors that have not seen their operations and results modified due to the pandemic that has robbed normality of the entire world.
However, one of the greatest lessons of this crisis is found in the importance of digital platforms for the continuity of any company, regardless of its size. During these months we have seen how hundreds of companies have moved to home-office, others have boosted their sales through their web pages, while some others have taken refuge in apps to offer their products and services.
Although the economic blow has been critical for some industries - just in Mexico City, tourism foresees losses of 6 billion pesos monthly, while the automotive industry will lose 110 billion pesos on this period - it is undeniable that the companies that have best avoided this crisis are those that exist in the digital world. For this reason I present 5 reasons why companies need to go digital now!


The basic marketing principle dictates that if no one can see you, you cannot sell. That is why it is essential that all companies, regardless of their line of business, have a digital window where they can advertise their products and / or services and, at least, explain how they can be purchased. 
This visibility goes beyond what we might think, an online presence allows us to develop a “digital behavior”, which will directly affect how potential customers, buyers and even the competition perceive us. That is why it is not only about developing a website, app or social networks, but creating a digital strategy that allows us to be visible and, above all, be relevant.

New times, new targets

New generations of consumers not only know how to use technology, they were born with it. We are dealing with users that when they want to buy something, not only google it, but look for reviews, unboxings, expert opinions, and compare at least 5 more options. As if that were not enough, these new users need a digital-omnichannel service, which allows them to detailed monitoring, in real time and without losing any detail of conversations. 
It is crucial that companies go digital not only to open up to consumers, but to learn more about them, know their preferences, frequently asked questions and take the pulse of cutting-edge trends in the market.

Leveraging data

One of the pillars of digital transformation lies in the data. Those companies that use digital tools to build processes have the possibility of obtaining, measuring and analyzing any type of information from their operations, which gives them the potential to be more efficient, have a better focus and increase the quality of their work. 
How does it work? Through solutions such as Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning. Organizations that can obtain and process information from their operations, and associate the data with problem indicators, will be able to obtain value insights and also make smarter and faster business decisions. In fact, with these types of tools, currently implemented by Enki successfully in Mexico, companies and organizations can improve their productivity by up to 49%.

More and better business opportunities

Digitization is only the first step. Currently technological tools take us to places we never thought we knew. Smart homes, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, smart cities development, companies storing all their information on the cloud, organizations interconnecting their production lines through the Industrial Internet of Things ... The possibilities expand as we become more and more digital.
If we add Artificial Intelligence to this equation, then the picture looks even better. In this sense, all companies and organizations have the potential to reach new customers thanks to the adoption of digital tools, as long as they have the help and accompaniment of an expert to achieve it.

Take advantage of crises

(yes, especially the one we are currently experiencing)
Without a doubt, this is one of the most important reasons to finally move to the digital world. With the “new trends” based on social distancing, it is a priority to create strategies that reach consumers right to their doorstep (or smartphones) and that access to products and services is not simply based on the Out Of Home. In a context as complex as the one we face today, only the fastest, most moldable, efficient and with a purely digital strategy will be those that will survive and take advantage of technological development.
If you want to know more details about how you can transform your company, visit enki.mx

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