Companies that use data strategy survive the pandemic

Companies using a data strategy will continue to survive the pandemic. You want to know why?

The health crisis that we have experienced since the beginning of 2020 has shaken the world in different areas and scales; companies, governments, schools and all kinds of activities that we took for granted have had to be canceled, modified or moved to the digital realm. Throughout the year at Enki we have discovered that companies that use a data strategy will continue to survive the pandemic and here we explain why.

The pandemic has fueled and accelerated digitization like no other phenomenon could done before. For example, in education, online classes are a reality for millions of kids around the globe. In daily life it is now much easier to order anything to the door of our home.

Companies that have a foot on the digital world will have a better chance of surviving a global crisis like the one we are experiencing, compared to those that do not have one. So we dare to say that companies that use a data strategy will continue surviving the pandemic. However, taking this big step is not as simple as we think.

To start ... the data

We are immersed in a globalized and interconnected world which is feed by its primary material: data. These can come from any source and interaction and give us all kinds of relevant information. However, despite having this "treasure" inherent to the digital world, not all companies can get the benefit they need.

Fortunately, today there are tools that make everything much easier and provide solutions that were previously unimaginable. These tools are making a before and after in their adoption by companies, especially in such a challenging context which forces many companies wich have not yet a plan.

The key is for companies to turn their look to the data they generates and find the technological tools that suit their strategic objectives.

Strategy + Technology

Technology was never more important and transcendent than it is now. It is the key to the survival of millions of businesses around the world. However, technological tools such as Big Data and Machine Learning do much more than simply help decision making. For example, Big Data allows companies to collect large amounts of information safely and efficiently, which helps to gather information in real time and anticipate any situation.

Machine Learning goes even further since it allows systems to learn by themselves, recognize patterns, trends and generate valuable insights. Through ML, companies can immediately adapt to external conditions and provide a valuable business response.

Of course, it is not as simple as adding these data tools and that's it. A comprehensive data strategy is required to help identify the needs of each company and align with its goals.
In a context full of challenges, it is essential that companies not only migrate to a digital world, but that they do so with a clear, defined strategy and with the appropriate tools.
Such that srvival become something much more feasible.

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