Big Data

We transform the data generated by your company to
turn it into useful and reliable information.

What is Big Data?

Get the true value of your data

Big Data refers to the collection of all data from all available sources and our ability to use it for our benefit.

At ENKI we help you extract, transform and store the data generated by your company and if you also require it from external sources that are open for use.

How do we transform your data?

"Small" or "Big" we clean
your data


We collect all data from all sources in your company and we also bring in data from external sources.


With the data obtained we do a cleaning to remove those that you do not need or add value

To stock

Once the data is clean, we store it in a single place where the data will already be reliable.


Your data are ready to be used! We su-
ggest to start witha Business Intelligence
strategy to analyze them.

Big Data for your company

It doesn't matter how much data you have,
but how you use it

No importa cuántos datos tienes, sino cómo los utilizas

Collect data from the market and your customers

Big Data will allow you to collect better data about your customers and your market. With all this amount of data you will be able to know what your customers want and how they want it


Big Data will help you gain efficiency and increase your activity. From monitoring machinery performance to optimizing shipping routes and even improving talent selection.


You may have the opportunity to integrate Big Data into your product offering and therefore monetize the data itself.


What is Big Data?

We will tell you what Big Data is and what type of data
you can analyze for your business.

We will tell you what Big Data is and what type of data you can analyze for your business.

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