Data Science

Do you need to go a step forward in your business? With the help of Data Science algorithms, you will achieve it.

What is Data Science?

Accelerate investment returns with predictive models

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses mathematics, computer science, and business knowledge to extract valuable insights from data for business decision making, strategic planning, and solving various problems in enterprises.

This allow us to reply questions like:

What happened?

Why it has happened?

What will happen?

Which decisions do we need to take?

Join the thousands of companies in the world that are usingArtificial Intelligence as their ally.

Case of use

Take your business to the next level with
Data Science applications

Take your business to the next level with Data Science applications

Sale forecast

Improve your strategy by achieving a better sales forecast by knowing its factors and behavior.

Product recommender

Identify the best product to recommend to your client based on their behavior and characteristics

The best companies already use this type of technology to improve the user experience.

Customer segmentation

Group similar customers to associate them to a behavior and characteristics offering personalized products and / or services managing to increase your sale.

Know key locations where to expand

Do you want to expand but don't know where to open your new branch? We analyze socioeconomic, geographic and commercial information so that you have greater visibility when choosing a new location.


Create a score that helps you detect specific behaviors of:

  • Fraudulent behavior
  • Potential areas where to open new branches
  • School dropout
  • Cart abandonment in the retail sector
  • Customer abandonment
  • Potential customers

Mix Model

Identify the sales impact of investment in media, both traditional and digital.

Maximize investment in different media and periods.

Increase your sales with the same investment.

Increase your sales with Data Science

We have developed other products with Data science to help you create more accurate sales and promotion strategies regarding your prices.

Promotion Optimizer

So that the promotions you launch are more personalized to your customers, which will increase the percentage of purchase.

Price simulator

Play with the price of your products and see how your sales will behave when the price decreases or increases.

Personalizado es mejor

Soluciones a tu medida

Data science can be applied to almost every problem we know of, including the following types of problems:

  • Identify patterns of behavior
  • Predict behaviours
  • Identify anomalies
  • Show correlations between events
  • Categorize or group


We can gladly help you propose a solution tailored to your needs.


How is Data Science used in the retail sector?

In this webinar we will tell you about Data Science and its applications in the retail sector.

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